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Use the power of the sun to heat your pool as well as power and help cool your home!

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What is the MegaMat?


The Patented "MegaMat" is an Advanced High Wetted Area EPDM Absorber System for Solar Water Heating, Pool Heating, Photovoltaic - Thermal applications (PVT), as well as Process Heat



Make better use of your pool investment with the powerful MegaMat solar pool heater.

It is anticipated that, on average, a system with as little as 50% of a, pools surface area can extend the comfortable swimming period about one month on either end of the pool heating season. Because of its flexibility, the MegaMat will go where other solar pool collectors cannot go, thus making much better use of roof space.

The megamat's oval design advantage

Due to the MegaMat's patented oval shape with 3 chambers water travelling throughout the system has more surface area to be hit by the sun's heat. This means that it can begin heating up the pool faster, earlier in the season.



THe Megamat can be used under PV systems to cool the panels and make them run 10 to 15% more efficiently on hot days and help cool the house.

Solar photovotaic panels without cooling are subject to decreased productivity due to excess heat from the sun. The MegaMat seeks to relieve this problem by cooling off the panels using water from the pool, simultaneously heating up the water as it is filtered back into the pool. With the added benefit of redirecting the heat away from the attic which in turn cools down the house.